Coral House

Coral House


September 2019

Uluwatu, Bali

Architectural Renovation
Interior Design
Landscape Design
Pool Design
Furniture Design


Coral house is one of our favourites. Originally a very run down Balinese house with a limiting layout, it is now only recognisable as a renovation through the preservation of the original terracotta roof and a single concrete planter box around on of the trees.

Before the renovation, the 20 year old house had a small living room, tiny kitchen, bucket shower washroom with a traditional Indonesian toilet, 3 small bedrooms with minimal sunlight, a rotten plywood ceiling, a traditional entrance with motif columns and elevated entrance platform.

Retaining the original footprint and one living room wall, the house was gutted and the roof supported by temporary scaffolding to be transformed into a more functional layout with generous natural light, garden and pool views.

As part of the renovation it was requested by the owner, (also the contractor – Bali Construction) to try to use 5 sets of metal by-fold door & windows that were being stored on the derelict land. This helped dictate the facades and ceiling heights with an additional pivot entrance door added in the original entrance, as well as new wood columns and small walls as required.

The roof and ceiling line was also extended by 1 meter to create a seamless indoor & outdoor connection to the gardens and to provide more shade over the Ulin wood decks. The extension also allowed for drainage to be added with chains leading rainwater to Lilly pots.

Key materials include reclaimed teak wood for ceilings and furniture, Ulin wood pool deck and shower area, cement render walls, Terrazzo floor, kitchen tops, sinks and bathtub.

In addition to the steel door & windows, the owner also had ownership of a small amount of old coral that was used for feature walls. As stunning as this material looks, for a long time it has been illegal to mine or to take coral from the beaches of Indonesia making it a rare possibility. Though it is a fossil and is technically dead, it still plays a key role in the oceans by keeping the structure of the reef and protecting its inhabitants and the coastlines from erosion. It also makes up many of the beautiful white sand beaches we enjoy in Uluwatu where the house is located.

The Coral was originally mined or collected from beaches over two decades ago for the construction of a jetty and was later stored in a pile at a batik warehouse in Sanur. Sitting there for years unnoticed, during a tour the owner gifted it to Bali construction in a swap for building services.

The lack of planning and improvisation on site, working with the owner and his wood specialists, made the project very rewarding. Our scope covered Architecture, Interior Design and Interior Styling including all built-in and loose furniture as well as lighting design. Compliments go to the owners should be noted for there soft finishings and selection of art amongst other interior touches to make the house feel exceptionally homey, particularly at night.

Layout: Building using just a master plan and no other drawings, the new layout includes a larger open plan kitchen, living & dining area, two bedrooms and a shared outdoor en-suite with bathtub, garden design, parking area, gates and generous salt pool.